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Electric scooter concept

A startup Swedish company wanted to explore their own identity in the electric scooter space. We helped them craft three visually distinct design directions, each with a good story to tell and ways to differentiate the brand. We pushed one direction into more refined design and renderings.

Dec 2021
3-4 months


We set a monthly meeting cadence over Zoom, aiming to start and finish the project within 3-4 months. At the project kickoff meeting, we started by defining what success looked like for the project. We briefly discussed who our target users were and their needs, but since research was not the focus of this engagement, the discussion moved on to more technical aspects of the work. Design boundaries were set, such as overall dimensions, folding mechanisms, battery sizes and locations, and must-have vs. nice-to-have features.


We unpacked what "Swedish/Scandinavian" design meant by reviewing notable Swedish brands and designers, seeking inspirations either more directly in terms of form, color and materials, or more from a philosophical level.

Together with the clients, we brainstormed and prioritized some design principles as launching pad for concepting. We synthesized the ideas into five mood boards.